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VAT compliance: a hot topic at e-Invoicing Europe

Wednesday 16th July, 2014

Guest Blogger: Abbie Lewis

Last month an intimate group of enthusiastic professionals gathered at's  America Square Conference Centre in London to discuss everything from getting started with e-invoicing implementation to the top tips and best practise strategies to design significant improvements to existing programmes.

Why would e-Invoicing need rescuing? Q and A with Taulia

Tuesday 8th July, 2014

A couple of weeks ago we heard about a new service being offered by supplier financing company Taulia, which the company has said, aims to provide a means of rescue for firms whose e-invoicing project has stalled. Taulia’s e-Invoice Rescue Service is of course a nice piece of marketing, but it also happens to be something which highlights a very real problem. So I caught up with Taulia’s European Marketing Director, Matthew Stammers to see what the service was all about.


Real time customer engagement with mobile Apps

Real-time Customer Engagement with Mobile Apps

 Monday 9th June, 2014

By the end of 2014, the total number of global mobile internet users is expected to overtake the total number of desktop users. Organisations are facing the reality that the preferred engagement channel of their customers is no longer the traditional routes like landline, web portals or snail mail — it’s the smartphone. Static mobile apps—those allowing consumers to locate stores, check order statuses and review account information will have to make way for the next wave of mobile customer engagement apps for banking, insurance, healthcare and government.

The trek from manual to 75% straight through processing

Wednesday 21st May, 2014

You’ve probably never heard of Palmer & Harvey, at least – you probably think you haven’t. Faced with their logo though, undoubtedly you’d recognise it – because Palmer & Harvey is one of those ubiquitous sights, like Eddie Stobbart, on our roads, on our travels and in and around towns.  The UK’s largest delivered wholesaler, the company is the country’s 6th largest and delivers to 90,000 retail outlets. With 14 large depots and more than 4,000 employees – it’s fair to say that the company processes a rather large number of invoices. In fact, back in 2011 that number was 150,000, with 800 suppliers and a £3bn spend.

Supplier statement reconciliation should be easy - so what makes it AP's hated task?

Wednesday 7th May, 2014

In many Accounts Payable departments, matching supplier statements is the least favourite task - mostly because it’s a manual, labourious and time-consuming process. And if a task is the least favourite, you can be sure that there are associated problems...In this case, the largely manual process means that not enough reconciliations are completed, which can then leads to inaccurate supplier balances and a negative impact on cash from missed credits and incorrect postings.  But, if the process can be automated - more supplier accounts can be reconciled, leaving AP professionals free to focus on dealing with the exceptions rather than the chore of trying to find them in the first place. Suppliers also benefit because they have greater clarity on the status of their account - meaning fewer phone calls into AP.

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