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Lessons from history and the rise of automation as normal

Tuesday 14th July, 2015

Just over 200 years ago – a powerful group of European leaders , with an eye on expansion and the opportunities of the future, met in Vienna for the first time at the Weiner Kongress.  In doing so, they set a chain of events in motion that lead to an unprecedented 100 years of stability in the region. And, in the burying of many a hatchet, their enlightened negotiation tactics paved the way for better country (and therefore business) value for all. In fact, their visionary perspective and new policies surrounding international crisis management set the scene for the later emergence of the United Nations and the EU.

Trust, Transparency and the Prompt Payment Code - an interview with Philip King

Tuesday 30th June, 2015

To say there’s a late payment “culture” in the UK is something of a misnomer, because the implication is that paying late is both intentional and endemic. And the reality is a little more complex, as I found out last week during a conversation with Philip King, Co-Chair of the Prompt Payment Code Advisory Board, and CEO of CICM.

KDS want to take you on a journey...

Friday 19th June, 2015

To truly consider yourself “techie” there’s a few things that you must love – lego, star-wars, pizza and The Matrix. And it seems the latter’s something which travel solution software providers, KDS have fully embraced with the creation of their Neo product.  And it’s not hard to see why – The Matrix franchise combines the three essential elements to enduring success – innovation, courage and possibility. And as the doors opened to their KDSNow event at that heart of Parisian playfulness, the Salle Wagram - the scene was set for a day of exploring where their new solutions can (literally) take people.

A First look at the 2015 APN Survey results

Thursday 14th May, 2015

With many organisations still facing an uphill battle against manual processing and disparate systems, understanding where your company sits in relation to others can be an elusive goal. And, despite the cultural changes over the last few years, purchase to pay departments can still be isolated areas of the business, making it difficult for those working within them to get a sense of the broader social, technological and process changes coming their way.

Bringing AP to the table in Las Vegas

Thursday 9th April, 2015

Think of Vegas, and what comes to mind - bright lights, Caesar’s Palace, a town that never sleeps? Popping up like a neon mirage out of the Mojave desert, Las Vegas has long been a mecca connecting people looking for fun. And on the list of many is the chance to take in a Cirque de Soleil show while they’re there. So it was great to see a little taster at AribaLIVE’s opening session, and as I watched the dancers twist and spin with eye watering flexibility, one thought that was furthest from my mind was the workings of their supply chain.

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