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Making Shift Happen in Procurement

17th November, 2015

The news that Tradeshift was entering into the procurement world sent social media into a flurry of activity when they announced the arrival of Tradeshift Buy recently. Never one to stand still, CEO Christian Lanng said it was something they’d been looking into for the last two years, but had no intention of stepping into the market just for the sake of it.  In fact, he was keen to stress that the drive came from customer demand, pointing out that the company was seeing deep adoption on the payment side and their clients wanted a way to be able to tie up both ends of the P2P process as easily as possible.

A platform for change - tales from the Exchange Summit

Friday 16th October, 2015

With around 300 attendees from 30 countries, the 2nd Exchange Summit in Barcelona this month proved to be a hot bed of all the latest in einvoicing. One of the main attractions of the show is the chance to meet some key influencers in the space – from vendors, policy makers and consultants, to experienced end-users.

Bubbles, Cake and Procurement - our day at eWorld30

25th September, 2015

To quote the late, great Yogi Berra who sadly died on the same day, it was like Deja vue all over again as I emerged out of Westminster underground onto the rain drenched streets, heading off to the 30th eWorld event on Tuesday this week. Having, like last time, forgotten to bring an umbrella and berating the lack of any enterprising brolly salesperson, I was about to brave the elements when I was saved by a sudden appearance of a brolly-bearing colleague going the same way.

Lessons from history and the rise of automation as normal

Tuesday 14th July, 2015

Just over 200 years ago – a powerful group of European leaders , with an eye on expansion and the opportunities of the future, met in Vienna for the first time at the Weiner Kongress.  In doing so, they set a chain of events in motion that lead to an unprecedented 100 years of stability in the region. And, in the burying of many a hatchet, their enlightened negotiation tactics paved the way for better country (and therefore business) value for all. In fact, their visionary perspective and new policies surrounding international crisis management set the scene for the later emergence of the United Nations and the EU.

Trust, Transparency and the Prompt Payment Code - an interview with Philip King

Tuesday 30th June, 2015

To say there’s a late payment “culture” in the UK is something of a misnomer, because the implication is that paying late is both intentional and endemic. And the reality is a little more complex, as I found out last week during a conversation with Philip King, Co-Chair of the Prompt Payment Code Advisory Board, and CEO of CICM.

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